Skylab Radio tends to broadcast

'non-stop' chillout, lounge, ambient and soft house, nearly all of the time.

However; Skylab Radio features late night programming, which will be added to over time.

Please check Skylab's social media for more details...


Skylab Radio is primarily a music radio station. The station doesn't feature news bulletins, traffic and travel news, weather reports and celebrity chat. It's not because those speech elements are not important to us, we believe there are loads of great radio stations providing those it's best to leave it to them and concentrate on what we're doing.

Want to know what we are playing? Click onto Skylab Radio's real-time track listings.

Skylab Radio provides some late night programming; which hopefully will be added to as time progresses.

Meet the Team


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2200 - 2300 SKYLAB RADIO PLAYLIST - Sixty minutes of the most popular tracks on Skylab Radio this week, plus some of the newly added music onto our playlist. Presented by Sarah Hall and produced by the Masked DJ Collective (otherwise known as Lucy Haigh, Paul Teague, Katy Jay amongst others). This programme is also available to listen on Mixcloud, following broadcast and the playlist can be found here.


2300 - 0000 (THIRD SATURDAY - MONTHLY) BALEARICA - Balearica is a radio show produced and presented by musician and producer Micko Roche, showcasing the newest Downtempo, Chillout, Electronica and Balearic releases from around the Globe with the occasional classic thrown into the mix. A fantastic source for new and fresh tracks and the perfect show for you to tune in and zone out


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2200 - 0000 (FIRST SUNDAY - MONTHLY) THE SPACE STATION - Please do not be alarmed. Skylab deliberately goes slow, with two hours of experimental ambient and electronic music. This programme will be also available to listen on Mixcloud, following broadcast.
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2200 - 0000 (EVERY OTHER SUNDAY) SUBURBAN CALM - Continuous Classic Chill, from The Masked DJ Collective. This programme will be also available to listen on Mixcloud, following broadcast.


2200 - 0000 MIXED FEELINGS - Katy Jay presents two hours of chilled music, which has been a big influence on her...put together into a mixtape-style. This programme will be also available to listen on Mixcloud and in Podcast-form, following broadcast.


Non-stop chilled-out music, from Skylab Radio.