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Skylab Radio is proud to adhere to its launch principles of being a not-for-profit radio project.


One of our core beliefs is that Skylab Radio's musical flow is continuous, with few interruptions.

Quite simply; if you want to chillout with us...then Skylab will endeavour to broadcast as few elements of clutter as possible, such as no advertising.


Whilst these principles are nice, they don't pay the bills!

For Skylab Radio to exist; we have to pay DAB multiplex carriage fees, PRS and PPL licensing fees to stream music, regulatory costs (Ofcom etc), website and stream hosting, plus various other overheads such as station identification.

Skylab Radio currently has no paid advertising. Although you may hear from time-to-time DAB "Get Digital" promotions and Government public information announcements, which are aired free-of-charge. Our funding model will change where we will still remain not-for-profit in our make up, but invite some form of on-air sponsorship. Any introduction of sponsorship will be done in a way that does not intrude considerably on our listeners enjoyment of Skylab. In the meantime; the owner of the station funds the bulk of Skylab's costs and this is not done begrudgingly. We adore Skylab Radio and believe passionately in what the station is achieving. Meanwhile the feedback we receive from listeners reinforce the value of Skylab Radio, regarding the station as a 'safe space'. This is particularly apt during these times of instability, unpredictability and anxiety, where Skylab is utilised by some listeners as a very personal form of coping mechanism.

If you enjoy listening to Skylab Radio and would like to support us with a donation...we would be delighted!


Please use the secure PAYPAL donate button below or you can 'Buy us a Coffee'. If you wish to give us a few pounds, dollars, euros etc...then please feel free to do so. Any contribution, however large or small will be greatly appreciated.

We would like to thank Skylab Radio's amazing listeners and supporters who have kindly donated to the station.

Thank you! x

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