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Skylab Radio's music policy has often been described as 'eclectic' or 'random',

which is very true!


Chillout music in all its forms is a worldwide phenomenon and our aim is to

reflect this in our output.


MUSIC FOR THE MIND, BODY AND SOUL (Music Policy - updated 27/02/20)

Skylab Radio utilises three interwoven playlists, unimaginatively labelled A, B and C. The 'A' Playlist for instance, features tracks recently added to Skylab Radio, featuring anything from new releases or promos to classic tracks. We endeavour to add new tracks to the playlists as frequently as possible.

Since our creation; Skylab Radio has championed emerging artists/producers who create their own chillout, lounge, ambient or soft house. We aim to continue this, even though Skylab is not an 'independent/unsigned artists' radio station. Please go to our contact page, or follow us on Twitter and send us more information about your music via Direct Message, giving a brief biography and track details from Mixcloud, Bandcamp or Soundcloud. Skylab Radio reserve the right not to play submitted tracks.


Please note:- Skylab Radio is currently experiencing a very high volume of music submissions, so there maybe a delay before we can listen to and respond to track submissions. We apologise for this in advance. Please also note the existing music genres played on Skylab Radio. If you are unsure about what we play - we recommend listening to the radio station before submitting material for airplay  We only playlist tracks that are suitable for broadcast, fit the station ethos and radio friendly (Skylab Radio is licensed by Ofcom in the United Kingdom).


Record companies/A&R representation:- If you wish to place us on circular/promotional emails, please contact Skylab Radio via our contact page.


Many thanks to Katy Jay for curating and contributing many of the tracks featured throughout Skylab Radio's playlists. The following tracklist data has been kindly provided in partnership with Online Radio Box.

Top 25 tracks from the last 7 days

Tracklist from the last 7 days


During our time submitting programming to Upload Radio; we featured our most popular and/or new tracks on a programme called "The Skylab Radio Playlist", which initially ran for 25 episodes. The "Playlist" was produced by what we referred to as the "Masked DJ Collective" or Lucy and Paul, along with others who provided their voices - Ashleigh, Hazel and Andrea. When Upload Radio 'paused', we received feedback from listeners wanting the "Playlist" to return. When Skylab Radio launched on Digital radio, we were pleased to announce that the "Playlist" would return on a Saturday night. In addition; we would also upload the programme onto Mixcloud, so that it is available to a potentially wider audience.

Episode #91 Tracklist (Original Broadcast Date: 28/03/20)


Enya - Athair Ar Neamh

Paul Mounsey - Gleann An Fhraoich

Serol Serol – Pareidolia

Eva Goodman - Dacw 'Nghariad

Elin Fflur - Tybed Lle Mae Hi Heno

Bronwen Lewis – Ti a Fi

Clannad - Theme from Harry's Game

Órla Fallon - Aililiu Na Gamhna


Rosie Carney - When I look at You

Herkja – Mining for Gold

Kizzy Crawford - Enfys Yn Y Glaw

Mared - Dal ar y Teimlad

Julie Fowlis - Tha mo ghaol air aird a'chuain

Damien Rice - The Blower's Daughter

Bendith - Can Am Gariad

Gwyneth Glyn – Adra



Kathryn Williams - Up North

Ayreheart - Ddoi di Dai

Kate Rusby - Who Will Sing Me Lullabies

Jim Tribble - Coranto 1 & 2 for Lute 1610

Lou Rhodes - In' Lakesh

Rich Batsford - The Cello Song

Runrig - Angels from the Ashes

Will Burns & Hannah Peel - Moth Book (Modern Nature Remix)

Vashti Bunyan - Rose Hip November

Brian Kay – Wælheall

Pete Yelding - Mi Tides (Edit)

John Hardy Music - Blodau'r lesu

Elan Catrin Parry - Scarborough Fair

Ceinwen Bran - 6 Minute Lullaby