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Skylab Radio's music policy has often been described as 'eclectic' or 'random',

which is very true!


Chillout music in all its forms is a worldwide phenomenon and our aim is to

reflect this in our output.

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Skylab Radio utilises three interwoven playlists, unimaginatively labelled A, B and C. The 'A' Playlist for instance, features tracks recently added to Skylab Radio, featuring anything from new releases or promos to classic tracks. We endeavour to add new tracks to the playlists as frequently as possible.

Since our creation; Skylab Radio has championed emerging artists/producers who create their own chillout, lounge, ambient or soft house. Skylab Radio is not accepting any music submissions at the present time.

We apologise for this in advance.


Many thanks to Katy Jay for curating and contributing many of the tracks featured throughout Skylab Radio's playlists. The following tracklist data has been kindly provided in partnership with Online Radio Box.

Top 25 tracks from the last 7 days

Track list from the last 7 days

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